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Imelda’s Happy Tamales is established as a Limited Liability Company. We are in the process to change the legal structure to a Non Profit Organization.Imelda Hartley is the founder and CEO


Imelda’s Happy Tamales will help to solve the social problem of domestic violence in Arizona. According to the World Health Organization, domestic violence is a real health problem of epidemic proportions. Phoenix leads the state in domestic violence.Based on market research, clients have the need to have access to a unique product of high quality with unique flavors influenced from vast regions around the world. Although there are more tamale stores in the market, none of them fill the need to have a quickly access like our product. Also, because of the mission that our company represents, our own research has showed that clients will buy our products because by doing it, they will be contributing to a good cause.We are looking to benefit onsite 5 men and woman victims of domestic violence a month, plus we will be giving free workshops that will be delivered by professionals in the subject, on this way we are planning to reach more than 50 persons per month.


We are exploring retail and commercial sales through new clients with the assistance of our incubator mentors. This should enable us to expand distribution and bring more victims into our program. The current market within Arizona for tamales is over 1 million.

Meeting Imelda Hartley


If you haven’t tried Imelda’s shrimp tamales, you cannot call yourself a true Phoenician. Imelda Hartley is a SEED SPOT alumna, a domestic violence survivor, a mother of 14 beautiful children, and a magical chef with exceptional talent at making mouthwatering tamales. Since participating in our Full-Time Program back in 2015, Imelda has spent her time empowering other domestic violence survivors across the Valley through her company, Imelda’s Happy Tamales.

Originally from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, Imelda came to the United States when she was 13 years old. Trapped in an abusive relationship, Imelda spent three months of her first pregnancy gathering carts in the airport parking lot during the day and sleeping inside the ladies restroom at night.

Imelda endured domestic abuse at home for many years before enrolling in a 12-step program for victims who wanted to create a new life for themselves. She didn’t want her kids to grow up with this lifestyle anymore, so Imelda decided it was up to her to break the cycle.

By the time she left her husband, Imelda had 11 underage children and was making very little money selling tamales outside of a laundry store by her home. With dreams of using her tamales to help more domestic abuse survivors, Imelda entered the Véndeme tu Sueño entrepreneurship contest co-hosted by SEED SPOT and Univision. During the contest, Courtney Klein, SEED SPOT’s co-founder and CEO, overheard Imelda sharing her vision and invited her to apply for the sixth cohort of the full-time program.

Participating in SEED SPOT was extremely beneficial for Imelda. She learned how to better understand her clients, how to balance the financial cost of running a business, and the legal pitfalls that can be dangerous for any new entrepreneur. She credits her two mentors, Gail Pincus and Terry Mulane, for helping her through the whole process and connecting her with other content experts that further developed her business. With time, Imelda began securing more corporate clients with larger orders, which got the attention of the Arizona Governor’s Office. “My tamales made it to Capitol Hill!” Every order of tamales that Imelda serves to the Phoenix community is met with compliments and praise. I mean, look at them…


Hungry yet? Imelda’s not slowing down anytime soon. But for her, it’s not about making more money or gaining more corporate clients. She has a vision of helping more domestic abuse survivors across the Valley. “We want to employ survivors and get them out of their bad relationships. One day, I would love to own a secure facility with on-site childcare and an organic garden to make the tamales. Women shouldn’t have to choose between taking care of their children or going to work. Healthy communities start building healthy relationships at an early age.”

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Imelda has learned a lot about entrepreneurship since starting her company. “Human relationships are very important. You represent your business. People weren’t just buying my tamales because they’re good, but because they know me. I was wearing purple and orange every time because purple represents domestic violence and orange represents new beginnings.”

By empowering survivors, Imelda has felt empowered to continue her work with Happy Tamales. When reflecting on the progress she’s made since her first pregnancy, Imelda feels so thankful and relieved for the support she’s received as an entrepreneur.

“I used to be very depressed and sad, but now I have a new pride for the work I do. Everything is colorful and full of hope. I feel powerful and happy.” She credits SEED SPOT for the support, mentorship, and resources provided while getting Happy Tamales running.

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Who knew that tamales were the key to happier and healthier communities? Since graduating from our program, Imelda was selected as the Best Hispanic Entrepreneur by the DAS Foundation, traveled to Mexico as a delegate for the City of Phoenix, won first place at the Pitch!

Business Competition at Phoenix Public Library, and was invited to attend the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) National Conference in Dallas. But most importantly, Imelda’s tamales have been voted the BEST in the Valley! We are confident that this is just the beginning for Imelda’s Happy Tamales. We can’t wait to come buy tamales from your facility one day!

Mujeres Empresarias XOCO

XOCO businesswomen. Xoco means “my little sister” in the Nahua language. This company, she seeks to help women break the cycle of poverty and fulfill her dream of helping and empowering women, a dream she always had since she was a child. “Helping them with all the knowledge that I have acquired about entrepreneurship, but above all helping women who have been in prisons and suffer the abandonment of their families. So I want to show them that they are valuable to society despite their past, and teach them to create crafts with their hands with recyclable products, help them to have their own home, to help their children go to better schools … help them to resurface “

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Who we are?

We are an organization of women entrepreneurs that provides empowerment and hope to all those women who are in vulnerable situations.


Empower women through a comprehensive platform that provides job reintegration training, psychological assistance, development of sustainable projects and support for potentiate the skills of each one of them.


Be a community of businesswomen recognized for contributing and transforming the lives of other women through education, sources of employment and support tools, with the ability to be a replicable model in various cities.


Management Team

Indira Jeffrey

IGlobal Business Consulting, LLC

visionary and an operational leader with 18 years of experience. Proven history of driving substantial growth through solutions, capitalization, and competitive positioning. Proven track record of exceeding profit, quality, and performance models in turbulent and fast-moving/growth environments. Entrepreneur and Public Relations.Managed two national and one international consulting companies since 2002MBA Global Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management, 2010 – 2012 BA International Trade, Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico, 1992 – 1996

Terry Mullane

experience The Business Plumber, LLC

January 2007 – Present (8 years 11 months)United States

Strategic consulting business founded to solve client’s business problems and create opportunities through financial and operational excellence (Finance, Supply Chain, Order to Cash, & Customer/Mfg Operations). Create Strategies for Growth and Execute them by fixing the issues affecting your customers. Expertise in CFO services, banking and funding strategies, COO operational excellence and streamlining processes.

Gayle Pincus experience:

Social Enterprise Catalyst Palo Verde Business Advisors LLCJanuary 2006 – Present (9 years 11 months)Gayle works with enterprising tax exempt organizations and social entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas to improve challenging social sector issues. A few examples are:Food Distribution in Low Income Communities – Don’t see a major supermarket in a low income community? Why not? A full service grocery store earns a small profit margin on high volume of sales. Put one in a low income community where the average sale is half, high margin grocery products aren’t purchased, and the result is an operating loss. But, other models to provide healthy, fresh, affordable food in low income communities succeed. They may be seasonal like Farmer’s Markets or Community Supported Agriculture. They may be available year round like a refurbished corner store or a full service grocer who operates an innovative business model. This is the hope for our nation’s ‘food deserts’ with limited supermarket access today.

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