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According to the World Health Organization, domestic violence is a real health problem of epidemic proportions. That is why at Imelda Happy Tamales we help fighting this situation from Phoenix, one of the states with the highest numbers of cases of this nature. 

We seek to benefit 5 men and women victims of domestic violence with job offers, access to therapy and comprehensive training for their professional development through free workshops that will be taught by professionals in the field, which will reach more than 50 people per month.

Imelda Happy Tamales, will employ for its different areas victims of domestic abuse. We are a social enterprise with the objective of reaching as much as we can domestic abuse victims. We will also provide personal development and self-help skills to empower victims of domestic violence to help them break the cycle of domestic violence. In addition, we will provide services such as child care and transportation. Our objective is to help break the barriers of victims becoming independent and crating stability. By December 2018, we are planning to own Imelda Happy Tamales’ facilities, where we will be able to reach more people that can be benefited from the make of tamales training, workshops, daycare onsite facilities and employment.

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Imelda Hartley, is bilingual which it will allow to reach the American and Hispanic Market, she has more 15 years of business experience. Imelda is a strategic, visionary and an operational leader with proven ability to drive business transformations. She is an entrepreneur with a vast managing experience. Imelda has participated in the following entrepreneurial and training events as: Seed Spot Venture Voted Awards, One year membership with Fuerza Local provided by Seed Spot, International Recognition for participating as judge with Incubadora de Empresas del Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Sonora, URSA Award s (Leadership Award by Phoenix College), International recognition with Omnilife, Leadershape 2011 (Leadership training). Active Parenting Now, Active Parenting: Teens, Nurturing Parents Raise Great Kids, Salsa, Sabor y Salud, Adverse Childhood, Academia de Padres, Mental Health First Aid among others.

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